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Australian made high pressure spray pump
NovaPumps are made in Australia to suit local conditions
Nova Self Prime Petrol

The Nova SP Petrol (Self Prime) coupled to the Honda GX120 4.0 hp engine provides a heavy duty output and has the benefit of easy on-going operation.

Novapump Self Prime Petrol
Engine Type Honda GX 120
4.0hp Petrol
Inlet Hose: 20mm (3/4")
Outlet Hose: 12.5mm (1/2")
Max Flow Rate: 35 lpm
Max Pressure: 1150 kPA
Dry Weight: 18.5 kgs
Height: 320 mm
Length: 330 mm
Width: 340 mm

lpm - litres per minute, kPA - kilopascals, kgs - kilograms, mm - millimetres