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Australian made high pressure spray pump
NovaPumps are made in Australia to suit local conditions
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The Nova Pump is an Australian made, high pressure, spray pump. Built to withstand harsh and aggressive chemicals it is extremely reliable in a demanding environment.

With decades of experience the Nova Pump is a hard working, durable pump that provides consistent performance day after day, spray after spray.

Nova NP Petrol

Nova NP PetrolThe Nova NP Petrol (Non Prime) coupled to the Honda GX160 5.5hp engine delivers a premium spraying performance and has the highest volume in the Nova range. [specifications]

Nova SP Petrol

Nova SP PetrolThe Nova SP Petrol (Self Prime) coupled to the Honda GX120 4.0 hp engine provides a heavy duty output and has the benefit of easy on-going operation. [specifications]

Nova SP Electric

Nova SP ElectricThe Nova SP Electric (Self Prime) is powered by a 240V electric motor and delivers industrial strength performance with low maintenance and “whisper” quiet operation. [specifications]